What is a Measurable Outcome (MO)?

Outcome dartA Measurable Outcome or MO, is a clearly defined measurable definition of success. An outcome is where you want to get to.

Increasing conversion rates, minimizing support calls, or improving time to market.

Outcomes exist at multiple levels. They might be high-level strategic goals for example, to increase customer acquisition, increase monetization and improve customer engagement.

They might be product level outcomes. For an e-commerce website; to Increase conversion rates.
For services it might be to improve the website availability.

There might be capability outcomes, for example: Decrease time to market, deploy products faster, reduce costs in operating systems.

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How to create Measurable Outcomes


Although there is a lot of discussion on “outcomes” and “value,” exactly what this means and how you define and measure it are unclear.

This is a very quick snapshot of the process to arrive at an outcome and how to measure the value delivered progressively using the Mobius loop.

Mobius is a simple strategy and product management framework. The model creates a common language and understanding of the natural flow to think through the problems and objectives, and generate outcomes. You can plug in the tools and methods you prefer to use, so it isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, rather pull them together into a holistic structure.

You will recognize many components familiar to lean and agile (or spin-offs such as lean start-up, Kanban etc) making it easier to implement into your existing approaches.

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