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REI – Research, Experiment, Implement

Many iterative or continuous flow teams fall into the trap of trying to lock down a final solution, build it and deliver it. But that’s not how product development really works. Instead, there is a constant learning cycle to figure out what it is that’s needed, then to test and improve until the desired outcomes […]

What is a Measurable Outcome (MO)?

A Measurable Outcome or MO, is a clearly defined measurable definition of success. An outcome is where you want to get to. Increasing conversion rates, minimizing support calls, or improving time to market. Outcomes exist at multiple levels. They might be high-level strategic goals for example, to increase customer acquisition, increase monetization and improve customer engagement. They might be […]

How to create Measurable Outcomes

Although there is a lot of discussion on “outcomes” and “value,” exactly what this means and how you define and measure it are unclear. This is a very quick snapshot of the process to arrive at an outcome and how to measure the value delivered progressively using the Mobius loop. Mobius is a simple strategy […]

Goal Mapping

I’m getting this blog out but it is unedited and sans pictures. I’ll get to it next week and add some examples. I feel like a traitor to the revolution, but backlogs are really getting to me. A product backlog is a queue of work. And queues aren’t something we should aspire to, rather we […]

The Value of Innovation

I’ve been reading up on the value of innovation, in preparation for the Value seminar by Tom Gilb in London this week. One question for Agile teams is how to innovate within the constant pressure of “Sprinting” and barely having time to draw breath. Agile teams can be innovative of course, although from experience I […]

We Should Run Our Products Like a Trading Floor

Imagine an investment bank running with the following scenario: Manager: “Hi team, we are putting in place a new process for you to help us be more predictable and control our budget and schedules over the next year. By the end of December, we want you to hand in a plan that tells us: Which […]